Civil Litigation and Appeals In North Carolina

Concentrating on Civil Litigation & Appeals

Our firm is supported by a staff with over 125 years of combined experience, allowing us to manage our clients' cases efficiently and effectively.

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Assisting Clients Throughout North Carolina

The firm regularly appears and represents clients at motion hearings, arbitration hearings, mediations, and in other alternative dispute resolution forums.

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Efficient & Effective Case Management

The firm has a long relationship with select insurance companies operating in North Carolina assist insurers and the individuals and businesses.

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Concentrating on Civil Litigation and Appeals in North Carolina

Our attorneys practice in the areas of civil litigation and appeals, consisting of regular client representation before juries throughout North Carolina’s 100 counties and before divisions of the Federal Court system. 

In addition to jury trial practice, our firm’s attorneys appear and represent clients at investigative inspections, depositions, motion hearings, arbitration proceedings, and mediations.

Our experience allows us to manage our clients' cases efficiently and effectively.

Our Areas of Practice

The firm's principal areas of practice include personal injury, automobile liability, arson and insurance fraud. We assist both plaintiffs and defendants in these matters.